BusyBuzzBlogging.com is a website that is focused on providing the latest trends and entertainment news from around the country. BBB is composed of a team of bloggers who like to stay busy throughout the day blogging on the latest buzz, hence, our website name.

We like to cover a range of topics from movies, music, TV shows, celebrities, gadgets, world news and much more.

Our team includes a wide range of authors with good taste, good writing skills as well as good hair. Okay, I can’t guarantee the good hair part! But let’s introduce our team members:

Chief Editor – Jason C (Jason) - Jason is an online entrepreneur, college graduate and a full-time goofball. He is a huge sports fan, a big movie goer, a music addict and he loves delicious foods… and he loves writing about those topics as well.

Editor – Edie McKearney (Edie) – Raised in Chicago and transplanted to New England after attending Berklee for too many semesters. Edie is a gym rat, avid swimmer, cyclist and HGTV junkie. She loves to write about sports, Hollywood gossip, and anything ironic which, these days, covers just about everyone and everything.

Author – Nydia Roman (Musikabella) – Nydia is a sociology major and music minor who currently resides in New Haven, Connecticut. Her hobbies include playing guitar, piano, reading, writing poetry. She’s a big lover of art, nature, music and films. Being a big concert and movie goer she loves sharing her thoughts and opinions on such topics.

Author – Ben Moreno (BenMoreno) – Ben is an IT Specialist and information junkie. Other addictions include Netflix, PC Games, MMA and Hockey and fixing desktop computers. He is known for quoting movies out loud, at random and for no reason at all. He likes to write about science, movies, PC games or whatever is interesting.

Author – Jose Hernandez (Jose) – Jose is a video game and manga addict who spends his time just trying to enjoy life and playing sports.  He enjoys PS3, anime, all types of music and cars.  He blogs about those things too!

Author – Andrew Perry (Andrew) – Andrew is a Reverend of the Universal Life Church and has a B.A. in philosophy and journalism. He is currently planning to get a Master’s in Archaeology. He plans to write about archaeology, politics, science, philosophy, and religion.

Contributor – Aris Tianto (Aris) - Aris is a blogger from Indonesia, magnificent country with a thousand islands. Aris is part-time internetpreneur and a full-time father with one child. He loves to write about technology and games update. He enjoys his day with online FPS gaming and playing with his baby boy.

Contributor – David Schloss (DSchloss) – David is a college student, blogger, and internet marketing/SEO consultant. When he’s not working, he enjoys going to the gym, watching comedy movies, and listening to hip-hop. David enjoys writing about sports, entertainment, and business.

Contributor – Lionel Houde (GoofOffTime)- Lionel is a non-recovering iPod, flash game and board game addict. He is a freelance writer whenever he isn’t goofing around, which isn’t often. He enjoys video games, World of Warcraft, horror, internet oddities and phenomena.

Contributor - Kristin Blaha (KayB) - Kristin is a blogger and college graduate who lives in southeast Iowa. She enjoys movies, alternative Christian music, reading, crafts and real food. On her other blog she writes about home improvement projects and saving money.

Contributor – Nathan Pesavento (Gideon) – Nathan is an ex-Ivy League employee who relocated to Utah to be a non-Mormon outcast. He enjoys gambling and losing money… two things that go hand in hand. But he likes to write about movies, news, food and anything odd/funny.

Aris Tianto (Aris) - is a blogger from Indonesia, magnificent country with a
thousand islands. Aris is part-time internetpreneur, full-time Father with
one child. He loves to write about technology and games update. Enjoy his
day with online FPS game and play with his baby boy.

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