I Like It On The Floor Facebook Status – Breast Cancer Awareness I Like It

October 6th, 2010 | 8 Comments | Posted in Headlines, Latest News by Jason

I Like It On The Floor Facebook Status - Breast Cancer Awareness I Like It

I Like It On The Floor Facebook Status – Breast Cancer Awareness I Like It – First of all, get your minds out of the gutter! Okay, now that we got that out of the way, you guys have probably been seeing a lot of Facebook statuses that start with “I Like It On The Floor” or something on those lines. Well, it’s not what you guys are probably thinking (those with dirty minds like me :D ), it’s actually for Breast Cancer awareness.

Every year they are doing unique things to try to spread Breast Cancer awareness and this year they decided to have women post on their Facebook statuses where they like to keep their purse. Of course, this has spread so quickly and it seems extremely fun because it sounds like women are posting where they like to do the nasty at.

Well, if it’s for a good cause to get attention and spread the Breast Cancer awareness then I’m all for it. Plus, some of the responses just sound hilarious if you’re one of the many like me that have their minds in the gutter.

Here are just a few examples of the “I Like It” Facebook statuses:

- I like it on the kitchen table but Larry likes it on top of the dryer
- I like it on the floor in our bedroom right up against the wall
- I like it under the table at a restaurant.
- I like it on the couch and the sometimes in da closet;)
- I like it on the bookshelves!
- I like it on the roof

What kind of creative Facebook statuses have you guys seen for Breast Cancer awareness?

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8 Responses to “I Like It On The Floor Facebook Status – Breast Cancer Awareness I Like It”

  1. Wendy butusov Says:

    My “I like it …is out in the open where it can be seen”.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Mine is “I like it under my desk but theres not a whole lot of room for my feet”

  3. Nicole Says:

    I like it in the car–in the front seat!

  4. texas Says:

    I like it in plain sight.

  5. guy supporter Says:

    how can men support this cause using similar tactics? should we also say “i like it on the floor,etc”?

  6. irempar Says:

    I like it public, there is nothing to hide.

  7. courtney Says:

    how does telling where you keep your urse have anything to do with tata’s??? it doesnt…. it doesnt help women know that the importance of breast exams or the ways they can raise money for cancer research. or tell you how many people are affected by it. you cant call it awareness for breast cancer if it says NOTHING about breast cancer…. its awareness for where people can find your purse….

  8. Kalie Says:


    i did not know what all the “I Like It…” statuses were about. I logged onto Google, and typed it in. It led me to this site to explain the situation. So yes it does work thank you.