Unemployment Benefits Extension Vote 2010 – Senate Passes Bill

July 21st, 2010 | 13 Comments | Posted in Headlines, Latest News by Jason

Unemployment Benefits Extension Vote 2010 - Senate Passes Bill

Unemployment Benefits Extension Vote 2010 – Senate Passes Bill – There is finally some progress for the unemployment benefits extension 2010 as the Senate voted in favor of helping the two and a half million Americans still jobless.

The Senators voted 60-40 to move ahead on the bill and now a final vote from the House will be held today and it should end up in President Obama’s hands to sign by the end of this week, if not, early next week.

This should definitely help out a lot of people out but don’t jump for joy just yet. I believe the money towards the extension is down a lot compared to years past. I think I read it is going to $34 billion cost which is down from over $100 billion previously. Although, it is down, the good news is the fact that this money will help out regardless.

I didn’t get a chance to read the full details of the Unemployment Benefits Extension 2010 for July 19th but this would be the eighth extension since July 2008, which has cost taxpayers a little more than $120 billion.

If you would like more details on this Unemployment Extension vote 2010 then you should check out AOL News because they have this well written descriptive article on it.

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13 Responses to “Unemployment Benefits Extension Vote 2010 – Senate Passes Bill”

  1. C. Albert Schneikart Says:


    …I take exception to the opinion put forth by Constitutional law expert Steve Schwinn of the John Marshall School of law in
    Chicago, reporting to AOL News that President Obama’s hands are tied, concerning President Obama issuing an Executive Order to create an additional Tier 5 of additional weeks of unemployment for those who have exhausted their maximum allowed weeks of unemployment, which is 99 in the hardest hit states right now (for details, refer to url http://all247news.com/unemployment-extension-2010-update-is-there-hope-for-tier-5-99ers/2241/).

    What Mr. Schwinn has conveniently left out is that every presidential executive order issued, always has their naysayers,
    such as Mr. Schwinn, and Mr. Obama’s hands are NOT really tied, and he COULD issue that executive order, at anytime, as he
    is the president right now, and that executive order would become law IMMEDIATELY — and unemployed folks out there would get those additional weeks of unemployment, just as fast as the state unemployment offices can implement them.

    Also, it was also appalling to see President Obama do his photo opp on Monday with those 3 unemployed workers, all the while bashing the minority political party in Washington D.C. for holding up unemployment benefits. In truth, the majority
    political party had the votes all the time to get this through and did not have to make the unemployed people wait, and we as viewers, would not have had to suffer though yet another politically-motivated photo opp by Obama. All Obama and his
    congressional cohorts had to do, was to ram the unemployment bill through like they did previously with the un-wanted and
    un-constitutional health care bill (I’d be very interested to hear a so-called Constitutional law experts’s opinion on that
    health care bill, also). Beyond that, as Obama stood with those 3 unemployed people, all the while Obama could have spared us all this politically-motivated photo opp and did two presidential executive orders, the first to extend the expiration date for current unemployment from June 2, to the end of November, or even the end of the year. And then, the second presidential executive order, to extend actual, additional weeks of unemployment beyond the maximum of 99.

    Further, I do value Mr. Schwinn’s opinion, but he should have researched his opinion a little more and looked up from the
    desk, from the politically-worded legislation to see what the real buzz is concerning the emergency need for unemployment
    benefits beyond the maximum of 99 week. It would be interesting for AOL News or other News agencies to hear from other
    so-called Constitutional law experts, those that were more truly in tune and more sympathetic to the plight of the 99ers.

    Lastly, people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, should not be punished, and should definitely get further unemployment funds, so that they can keep their houses, pay bills and put food on the table. Maybe Congress and the Senate will one day hopefully soon, get off their doffs and stop helping out the bankers and catering to the financial institutions, especially those giving them campaign money, including that AIG outfit. Then, Congress and the Senate can finally do something to create new jobs so that the unemployed can go back to work, and to also bring back those lost jobs, especially those going to foreign workers now doing u.s. jobs.

  2. Regina Alexander Says:

    I’m glad the extension was passed, but don’t forget the 99′ers, don’t disappear, keep supporting the 99′ers
    !!VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER!! Please sign the petition @change.org

  3. jsgoodrich Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This story is wrong. What passed yesterday was a Clouture motion, which limits debate to 30 hours. The bill is still on the floor they have now voted on 3 amendments at this time.

    If you are looking to act as a news source, please make sure you are reporting properly.

  4. Liz Dowdall Says:

    If they don’t include an EXTENSION FOR THE 99ers and FINANCIAL HELP with COBRA then they have left a WHOLE BIG BUNCH OF AMERICANS CITIZENS in a crunch. We can’t pay our monthly bills so we surely can’t afford $400.00 for Cobra health insurance. We are even at a point being homeless with nothing to eat, that we have to pay for city transportation to find a job while our spouse and children live in the car.

    Also, I think that it is really sad we are giving money to Mexico, Haiti, Pakistan and other countries while our own citizens are out of work due to a recession in their own country and when they turn on the news they hear; Congress approved XXXX billions to go out of the country to help others. I just heard they approved 7.5 BILLION to go to Pakistan to assist with their economy and they won’t even help their own country.


  5. Cindy Says:

    I’m not so sure that it is actually costing “the taxpayers” 120 million. I have paid into this since I was sixteen years old. 33 years I’ve been paying and have recieved about 9,000.

  6. Mary Says:

    You people need to quit shooting off at the mouth until you really know all your facts. The Democrats where voting NO on this before the break, go back and look, the one and only Harry Reid said NO, because he wanted his bill passed first, Financial Reform, which is going to get everyone at banks, stores etc. Just do some research. Yes, we are a family of four needing help out of work off and on since 08, but did not think it should be put on the defeict either. Why did not some of the Hollywood elites that we have support all the years have a concert to benefit only the USA citizens? Oh NO, that would be to American to help out the ones that got you where you are? Our poor children, but this is why the world is in the fix they are in, the baby boomers, wanted it all and wanted to pay for it later and now you are teaching your kids the same. You know your grandparents would be ASHAMED of you whether you are in either party..Pay for it FIRST!!!

  7. Roger Dodger Says:

    The Republican’s are still stalling the bill, by continued debate on this emergency bill, which they can debate for 30 hours, until the final vote is taken. This from the new “born again fiscal reponsible” Republican party wants to pass a bill that will give a “tax break” to the richest 2% which will cost us $678 Billion and they are not going to pay for it.

    Send the Republican’s a message in November, we are sick of you treading on the neck of the American people!

  8. UM Says:

    Let’s not forget the people who wanted to leave us out. I’m definitely for voting out whoever was blocking the vote, republican or democrat.

  9. broker than u!!!!! Says:

    I only collected a total of 72 weeks….will I still be able to colllect up to the 99 weeks allowed???

  10. Don Says:

    Your facts are almost entirely wrong. The Senate didn’t pass the bill on the 20th – they voted to end debate on the bill. The vote is expected late on the 21st. If if passes, the house would vote, then it would move to the president.

  11. Marie Says:

    And don’t forget, we were all taxpayers before we got laid off!
    They didn’t have any problems helping out all those banks, and Wall street did they, we didn’t ask for the recession, just the greedy rich did! And they still get their million dollar bonuses.

  12. victor araujo Says:

    they care about us cuzz they have a job ill bet if they were the ones the needed the unmployment it would have been a 100 % vote

  13. dd Says:

    The endless unemployment extensions are hard to justify when I am scraping by having to do whatever it takes to pay my bills. As a “self-employed” / “freelancer” / “independent consultant” for the same company for 5 years I lost my income when the company went bankrupt. . I’ve cut down everything to the bone and beyond. Sold off personal property. Taken work way below my level, almost entry level. Moved downward in housing. But the “no-work pay” for others keeps getting extended and extended and extended supported by Federal Tax dollars. It leaves a bad taste. Either widen benefits to include the rest of us who did not work on staff or let us all stew in the same thin soup. Maybe more families hung out over the hairy, ragged edge will develop some political will. There is a difference between state and federal unemployment benefits. Federal unemployment benefits extend state unemployment benefits out to 26 weeks. They must be explicitly passed by Congress, which doesn’t happen unless there’s a particularly bad recession. They’re paid for out of our federal tax dollars.