Conflicting polls show different fates for Democratic Party after 2010 Elections

June 16th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Headlines, Health, Latest News by Andrew Perry

Democrats vs. Republicans 2010

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Conflicting polls show different fates for Democratic Party after 2010 Elections – There are two polls out that conflict in their implications.  One poll is the NPR survey that shows that Republicans, and therefore the extreme right, will win a lot of seats in the coming 2010 election.  The other poll, done by Associated Press, shows that the Democrats will do alright and still maintain a majority.

Part of the reason for this fall in approval is that when it’s time to pass legislation, the Democrats have consistently ignored their progressive base, from which they get their best ideas.  For instance, progressives were hoping to get at least a public option if not a single-payer healthcare system.  But besides ignoring their own radicals, the Democrats have been quite moderate – healthcare reform still left power in the hands of the insurance company, “Wall Street Reform” still left power with the banks, etc.

But, one great thing the Democrats have done is be supportive of science and scientific research.  And this by itself is already better than anything the Republicans would do, given the recent polls showing how misled they are.

I wonder what the news of a possible Republican reversal of power means for scientists?  More than likely, they’re very worried.

For scientists, Democrats have been a sigh of relief.    Democrats support all forms of stem cell research, they support real science being taught in high school biology, and are all for putting students into college.   The new Republican Party, with their militant “Tea Party” wing (sounds like Hezbollah!), do not support any of this stuff.  And so, people such as myself, who would probably side with a real libertarian agenda, are absolutely disgusted with what the GOP has become.

This isn’t to say the Democratic Party is the “Party of Reason”.  Far from it!  The Democrats are actually kind of lame.  They’re just not nearly as scary as the Republican Party is.  And by scary, I mean the feeling you get on a bus when someone next to you is talking to himself.  Okay, I guess that’s more “creepy” than scary.

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2 Responses to “Conflicting polls show different fates for Democratic Party after 2010 Elections”

  1. Vic Says:

    The AP poll is useless, it surveyed “randomly chosen adults” while the NPR poll surveyed “likely voters”. Any Dem who relies on the results of the AP poll is setting themselves up for a nasty electoral surprise in November.

    Interesting that you keep focusing on science in your article, yet give political credence to the least scientifically reliable form of polling.

  2. Susan Griffin Says:

    That’s exactly what the Republicans claimed in 2008. That’s what they always claim.