Miss USA 2010 Caught Pole Dancing, Why No One Should Care (Pictures)

May 18th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Latest News by Andrew Perry

Miss USA 2010 Caught Pole Dancing

Miss USA 2010 Caught Pole Dancing, Why No One Should Care (Pictures)- It hasn’t even been a full week since Miss Michigan Rima Fakih’s crowning as Miss USA and now some “racy” photos, as Headline News called it, have surfaced on the internet showing her pole dancing.  But it’s not even a big deal.

First of all, it was at an all-female event, she was wearing a tank top and shorts, and you can barely even see her midriff, and that only because her hands are up in the photo.  But really.  Who gives a damn?  She’s a girl and she wants to have fun.  Miss USA or not, Miss Fakih is well within her rights to participate in such activity.

Now someone out there probably thinks that this is a ‘role model’ issue.  I can hear it now: “As Miss USA she should be a role model to young Americans out there.”

If by being a role model, the critics of Fakih mean being an uptight, ultra conservative, family values wuss; that’s not what being a role model ought to be.  A role model is someone who enjoys life, knows right from wrong and acts upon this knowledge, and respects themselves and others.

While Fakih might have these characteristics, no one should be looking up to a Miss USA for them.  It’s just a title.  She was judged by a panel of people based on a mixture hotness, intelligence, and talent.  Joseph Stalin was smart and talented.  Stalin probably wasn’t very hot but you get the picture; none of these characteristics in and of themselves match the characteristics of what a role model ought to be.

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2 Responses to “Miss USA 2010 Caught Pole Dancing, Why No One Should Care (Pictures)”

  1. foo-voodoo Says:

    As I see it all depends what the title should imply and in reality what it does – both seems to be a disconnect.

    Though it is just a title like CEO, or Professor or anything.
    In this case being media powerful and across the globe in reality the impact of title is more of role model rather than just a title.
    Thus spiderman’s words: “with great power comes great responsibility !”.

    Whether one likes or not, accepts or in denial mode, this is reality.

    Any world paegant title is role model – as a person, character, activities, courage and everything else (such as pole dancing etc.).

  2. imelda a. melendres Says:

    hey, whats wrong with pole dancing? NOTHING. it would have been scandalizing if she were caught having sex in public. that would have been the less than role model icon that you would like her to be. girls just wanna have clean fun and pole dancing is clean fun.