420 Meaning – National Marijuana Day and Hitler’s Birthday?

April 20th, 2010 | 5 Comments | Posted in Latest News by Jason

420 Meaning - National Marijuana Day

420 Meaning – National Marijuana Day or Hitler’s Birthday? – April 20th has become known as “National Pot Smokers Day” because of the 420 (four twenty, not four hundred and twenty) rumor that started and instantly took over. So, what exactly is this 420 meaning anyways?

I did some research and supposedly years back, it was reported on a Parenting Advice Forum that teens would use the “420″ as a pager code for smoking marijuana. They said it was a police code for marijuana use. In actuality, it’s not.

So, how did the “420″ link up to April 20th as being a pot smoking day? Well, originally it wasn’t intended for April 20th. Matter of fact, there was no set date because the origin of “420″ came from a time of 4:30pm.

Back in the 70s, a group of pot-smokers called “Waldos” would meet up after school at a campus statue to smoke pot. The term “420″ just stood for the time they would meet after school to get high. Just from that, it spread generation to generation.

Since then, “420″ has become a symbol to celebrate a “burn time” no matter where you are from or where you live. If you happen to live in Denver or Durango, they are literally celebrating this daylong event.

In Denver, they have a rally in Civic Center Park. In Boulder, at the University of Colorado, supposedly thousands will be there to join in on the smoking event. In Durango, a concert is planned to promote decriminalizing of marijuana in small amounts for adults.

This will definitely be an interesting day!

For the record, April 20th is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday as well as the day of the Columbine school shootings. In case people are interested.

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5 Responses to “420 Meaning – National Marijuana Day and Hitler’s Birthday?”

  1. Jannell Says:

    This was quick and informative

  2. fred jones Says:

    Nice catch, I have a video from a local news chanel displaying a school bus with young children and the number is 420. I will display it on youtube under the name 420 tribute. Keep cracking those codes, people are counting on you.

  3. justin Says:

    wow that was super informing oh yeah and fuck Hitler

  4. john Says:

    justin…your comment about hitler was super informing…your sooo political dude!…smoke another one!….you probably think obama is a great president too….bozo!

  5. jake Says:

    dude don’t insult people for no reason. and what the hells wrong with Obama? in case you haven’t noticed, he WON, so obviously he was better