Funny Mother’s Day Poem – Happy Mother’s Day 2011!

May 8th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Latest News by Jason

Funny Mother's Day Poem - Happy Mother's Day 2011

Funny Mother’s Day Poems – Happy Mother’s Day 2011! – Happy Mother’s Day! If you forgot a present for your mom today, why not recite a funny Mother’s Day 2011 poem for her? I’m sure she would be thankful for the fact that you remembered but also making your mom laugh would probably make her feel really special.

Now there are plenty of funny Mother’s Day poems out there but since I’m a little older, I figured I would post one that I found for kids that are 18 or older. Don’t worry, it’s funny and sweet at the same time. Plus, if your mother has a good sense of humor, I’m sure she’ll laugh and agree with the poem.

Check out the Mother’s Day poem video below:

Happy Mother’s Day!

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