Rebecca Black’s Friday Song And Video Getting Hilarious Publicity

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Rebecca Black Friday Music Video

Rebecca Black’s Friday Song And Video Getting Hilarious Publicity – In case you haven’t heard of Rebecca Black’s Friday song or seen the music video then you must not have been one of the 63.6 million that viewed it on Youtube. Of course, if you do know about Rebecca Black, then you’ll know her song Friday went viral and she’s getting a lot of negative publicity. Though, I’m sure her and her music company are being well compensated for it.

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out Rebecca Black’s Friday video, please see below:

She’s getting so much publicity regardless if its good or bad. Though, based on articles I have read, comments I see and the fact that over 1.1 million people disliked it (compared to 139,000 that liked it), she’s definitely getting more of the bad publicity.

Matter of fact, she’s going to pass the most disliked video on Youtube, which is currently Justin Bieber’s Baby song. It currently has 1,156,089 dislikes as I write this article compared to Black’s 1,155,314. Though, the big difference is the fact that “Baby” has over 500 million views compared to “Friday” which has 63 million.

But with all bad things has to come good things, right? I mean, Black and her music company Ark Music Factory must be getting paid really, really well. That’s not the good thing, though. The best part is the fact that there are so many funny parodies and response videos to Rebecca Black’s Friday song.

Here are a few that I thought was hilarious:

But if she becomes the next Justin Bieber, I’m going to REALLY feel like the guy in this first video… getting punched in the face!

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