Lebron James Twitter: Disses Old Team With ‘Karma’ Tweet

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Lebron James Twitter Disses Old Team With Karma Tweet

Lebron James Twitter: Disses Old Team With ‘Karma’ Tweet – It looks like Lebron James is speaking his mind on his Twitter account and the most recent includes dissing his former team, the Cleveland Cavs. Of course, being one of the most well known athletes in the world, speaking his mind comes with some controversy.

After the Cavs received arguably one of the worst butt whoopings in the NBA with their loss to the Lakers 112-57 and having the worst record in the league, Lebron decided to speak his mind. He Tweeted:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

Personally, I think it was directed more towards Cavs owner Dan Gilbert than the entire organization including players.

If you have been under a rock for the past year or forgot, Gilbert decided to go out of the way to let the world know he didn’t appreciate Lebron leaving Cleveland. And I’m putting that extremely lightly. Remember he called Lebron a traitor, a coward and that the Cavs would win a championship before Lebron.

Unfortunately, no one foresees that happening soon. The Cavs are currently 8-30 sporting the worst record in the NBA. If they continue to lose by 55, I don’t think anyone is going to take them too seriously when it comes to talks about championships.

Well, everybody seems to be making a big deal about Lebron speaking his mind about his former team. If Gilbert is allowed to speak his mind by calling his former player a coward, why can’t Lebron just point out the obvious?

What do you guys think?

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